Parish History




History of St. Bartholomew is planned to please the detail seeker, the peruser, and the person in a hurry who just wants a definite date or item.

For the most part it is in six year periods—Superiorships 1923-1970 when that word became a no-no and coordinator was followed by contact Sister which resulted in 1970 to shared responsibility. The annals were begun in 1947 so the period 1923 to 1935 is hearsay: from 1935 to 1947 is mostly my memory as I was stationed there from 1935 to 1957. From 1947 to the present is from the Annals.




St, Bartholomew parish began in 1906. Bishop McDonald appointed Rev. Jerimiah J. Heafy to establish a parish. The church was dedicated April 30, 1911. Prior to this the parishioners met in the Baptish Church on Whitney Avenue. Farther Heafy sent the receipts of all collections of Sunday, April 30 to the Baptist Church for their many kindnesses to him. Later, when the new church was built on Whitney Avenue this his first church became known as the chapel. Through the years many parishoners requested to celebrate their wedding in the chapel.

After the death of Father Heafy in 1914, Rev. William O’Hara became pastor. In his pastorate the land on which the convent, school and new church stood was purchased.

Father O’Hara, having passed on, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Uleau became pastor. When he started the St. Bartholomew parish school Msgr. Uleau gave the care of the children to the Sisters od St. Dominic whose Motherhouse is in Amityville.

Since the Diocesan Authorities wished it, Msgr. gave a part of the school for a two year High School course for girls also conducted by the Dominican Sisters.

The beautiful church standing on Whitney Ave. was built during Msgr. Uleau’s pastorate. It was dedicated October 11, 1930, It accomodates 1200 people. There were 100 families in 1906, 3000 in 1956 when it celebrated its Golden Jubilee.


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