St. Bartholomew, Elmhurst


Dear Friends,

            Our weekday masses at 11:15 am (English) and 6:30 pm (Spanish) are now live streamed Monday to Friday.  Also, we continue to live stream our 10 am (English) and 11:30 am (Spanish) Sunday masses.  Please join us on FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE or our parish website:

            I would like to thank everyone who have been generously giving to the parish.  Some are mailing their envelopes to the rectory others are depositing their envelopes in the collection and others are using GIVE CENTRAL.  I urge everyone to please do the best you can supporting us during this critical time.  Do you need more information about GIVECENTRAL?  You can find the information here in the bulletin.  If you still need assistance, please call the office and we will assist you.

            RELIGIOUS EDUCATION:  Classes will begin during the first week of October.  Most classes will take place online- there will be times when the children will gather in a classroom or gym or church (with social distancing).  Given the crisis of the virus there will be NO FEE this year for the program.  To enroll, families must be registered parishioners (since June 2020) and commit to attending a mass on Sunday or during the week as a family. Registration will be open (online) starting Monday, August 24.

            REMINDER: there is no obligation to attend mass on Sunday.  You are encouraged to watch the mass from your home.  I do encourage you to do your best to attend mass once per week.  Pick a day of the week and attend with your family.  Make it a holy moment for all of you

            PARISH OFFICE:  our office is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.  Instead of coming to the office – call (718.424.5400) or email (  We can only admit one person to the office at a time- its so much easier and safer to assist you by phone or email.   

    PARISH FEAST DAY:  Two masses will be celebrated – bilingual- at 11:15 am and 6:30 pm.  Both masses require a ticket to attend.  The 11:15 am mass is open to all parishioners (who have a ticket).  The 6:30 pm mass is only for our parish ministers, catechists, volunteers (who have a ticket)  Both masses will be live streamed on our website (  All ministers and volunteers have received an invitation to attend the 6:30 pm mass.  If you are not a minister of volunteer – you are welcome to attend the 11:15 am mass.  Email us ( or call us (718.424.5400) to receive your ticket.
We need your help. Our Annual Catholic Appeal’s network of services has had to be flexible in this unprecedented time, and we anticipate we will need to maintain this response to meet the growing demand for support. Your partnership is critical as we navigate this situation.
Our mission remains the same, but COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our annual needs.
●      We have served over 100,000 meals across our Diocese in response to the 200% increase in demand.
●      Over 120 parishes offer daily live-stream coverage of Mass and 144 parishes communicate daily with parishioners using social media.
●      Our educators were required to quickly implement innovative distance learning tools. They remain committed to forming the hearts and minds of our Catholic youth.
●      We have 30 hospital chaplains currently deployed across our boroughs consoling the sick and most vulnerable.
●      And of course, our devoted clergy, who remain at the frontlines of this pandemic, continue to enrich our lives spiritually and partner with our network of support services to address the growing local needs across our Diocese.  
As a committed parishioner, friend, and Catholic, we need your support to uphold our mission. We are grateful to the 114 people who have made a generous commitment to the 2020 Annual Catholic Appeal. This unwavering support has allowed us to reach promised of $31,517.00 of our $108,675.00 goal.
If you have not made a pledge this year and are able to do so, I ask that you join me in demonstrating that WE ARE THE CHURCH, TOGETHER by considering a gift to the Annual Catholic Appeal.
You may make your gift online at or text ACA to 917-336-1255
or call 718-965-7375 ext. 1602 and have a pledge card mailed to your home. 
We thank you in advance for making a gift commensurate with your means and circumstances! 


Our parish does not have the financial capacity to help every family living in Elmhurst to purchase food. If we could we would- but we cannot. At this time we are assisting our registered and active parishioners. Please email us: your name, registration number (found on your parish envelopes) your address and phone. We can provide you with food vouchers to a local supermarket. Since the end of March we have given almost $12,000 in food vouchers to our registered parishioners. We hope to continue to assist! Would you like to donate? 

Please write a check or money order and send it to us- make sure you write – FOR FOOD VOUCHERS