St. Bartholomew, Elmhurst

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the First Sunday of Lent!  These 40 days are truly special times of grace for all of us to draw closer to the Lord, His Church and one another.  I urge you to take this time seriously.  It’s a time of prayer, penance and fasting.  Let’s use these days well!

We started off great this past Ash Wednesday – let us keep moving toward Easter!   

St Bartholomew Catholic Academy is open for registering new students in September!  Seats are now available for Kindergarten to 8th grade – please check out the academy website and call for an appointment!  The diocese offers scholarships – up to $2700 for children transferring from a local public school.  Our parish is also offering scholarships from the Msgr John Gildea Fund.   If you are a registered and active parishioner of this parish – we will help you!  Catholic education is worth the sacrifice – it changes the life of a young person for the better!  We will assist you from beginning to end!  Please reach out to me, Sr Lucy, Fr Luis Gabriel or Fr Cesar – go online  and make an appointment.  We will make sure you receive all the assistance you need!  

At this time I am asking all of our parishioners to consider a gift to the Msgr John J Gildea Scholarship Fund.  It’s a wonderful way to honor Msgr Gildea for his years of service as well as to give a child a chance for a brighter future.  All those who contribute $250 or more will receive a special invitation to a reception in October. 

Please help – please give now.

Blessed week to you!

Fr Rick


Due to COVID, we never celebrated Father Gildea becoming a Monsignor.  Also, we weren’t able to celebrate his 80th birthday this past June.  We have established an educational scholarship fund in Msgr Gildea’s honor!  This scholarship will assist any REGISTERED PRACTICING Catholic family from St Barts parish who would like to transfer their child from public school to St Bartholomew Catholic Academy.  It is our hope that each year we can distribute up to $20,000 in scholarships to our parish children who need it. Those donating $250 and above will be invited to a cocktail reception at St Bart’s Academy in October!  Catholic education helps change the future of a child!  Would you like to contribute to this fund in Msgr Gildea’s honor? 


I want to assist a child from this parish to attend ST BARTHOLOMEW CATHOLIC ACADEMY in September!

____$250                   ____$500                   ____$1000                 ____Other:$___________

_____$2500 (half tuition for one child)             ________$4500 (full tuition for one child)


Checks made to ST BARTHOLOMEW CHURCH ;IN THE MEMO WRITE: Gildea scholarship fund


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FULL Name                                     email                                                                                             phone  


I am donating this Msgr John Gildea Scholarship:   ____in memory of:  ____in honor of: ____special intention: